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About Questech Tile

Questech Tile

Some 25 years ago, founder Roger Questel was sculpting fabulous carvings for clients like Ralph Lauren, Orson Welles, and the Getty family. At one point, he envisioned a series of sculpted bowls that, cast into bronze, would make a splash in New York City’s finest galleries.

But he ran into the issue that has bedeviled sculptors for centuries: the expense and weight of bronze. That launched a journey that led to his invention of Questech Metal: a brand-new metal composite that is 20% of the weight of traditional metal—and a small fraction of the cost.

Before long, Questech was producing premium metal signs and merchandising for companies like Tiffany, Harley Davidson, Absolut, and Timberland. But Roger saw another, greater possibility: Questech Metal struck him as a perfect decorative opportunity for the home.

Enter Barry Culkin. A former president of Boston Whaler and head of U.S. operations for Reebok, Barry looked at the company and saw the chance to change the entire landscape of the tile industry. With his business savvy and Roger’s creative flair, Questech has become the world leader in decorative tiles—continually redefining their use by blending timeless craftsmanship with an innovative use of materials.