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Reclaimed Engineered Handscraped 5" Saddle, Regular $7.49 sq. ft. Now $6.69 sq. ft. 30 sq. ft. per box. $200.70 per box price.


Reclaimed Engineered Classic Natural 5", $6.99 sq. ft., 30 sq.ft. per box. $209.70 per box price.


Reclaimed engineered Honey Rustic 5", $6.69 sq.ft. 30 sq.ft. per box. $200.70. Also comes in 7" 42 sq.ft. per box. $280.98 per box.


Reclaimed Wirebrushed Harvest 7", $6.69 sq.ft. 35.05 sq.ft. per box. $234.85 per box. 

 Materials are from properties that are no longer in use, including distilleries, textiles mills and other buildings from the Industrial Revolution.Reclaimed Antique heart pine offers an old world mystique in a modern lifestyle. Shop and buy today, or stop in showroom to see product first hand.